5 Tips on How Black Women Attract White Men

These days Black women do not have many qualms on going out with a White man. Even while this racial hurdle has been crossed, there are still a few factors at play when it comes to interracial dating. When it comes to dating, it is an unwritten norm that it is the men who are supposed to make the first move, though there are exceptions everywhere. Added to that, for Black women who wish to date White men, it can be difficult to know whether the other party is interested in such a prospect. Getting a man to ask you out is a delicate affair in itself. Interracial dating makes it murkier.

Here are top 5 ideas for Black women to bowl White men over:

black woman kissing white manBe Yourself

Being a Black woman is just like being any other woman. Yet, you are unique as a person and you shouldn’t be bothering about what a White man might want you to be. If a White man is really interested in dating a Black woman, he will concentrate more on her personal attributes than racial expectations. Do not try to shy away from yourself whether or not you do have characteristics that correspond to common racial stereotypes about Black women. If you like rap, you like rap- there’s nothing more to it. Literally and figuratively, be comfortable in your own skin.

Feel Beautiful

Many Black women have been socially conditioned into believing that they are perceived as unattractive by White men. If you have such notions, get rid of them at once. All men, Black or White love to see a woman who feels confident about her looks. As a Black woman, you might be having attractive physical features that are not common in other non-Black women. Capitalize on your strengths. Most of all, believe that you are beautiful.

Look Approachable

Since it is commonly expected of men to approach women first, White men may be apprehensive of approaching you if you seem to be uninterested or worse, inclined only to date Black men. The best way to look approachable without jumping at the prospect is to smile. Wear a natural smile and a congenial look on your face. Have a comfortable body language in the presence of White men.

Let Him Try Win You Over

Yes, your heart might be leaping. But do not make it too easy for him. Lead him on, step by step into a mutualistic relationship. Do not look too desperate to date or worse still, long for him just because he is White. Men like a good chase and it tells them that you’re looking for more than just a one-night stand. A White man looking to date a Black woman may have any reason for it. Only the one genuinely interested in you as a person will bother going many yards beyond flirty stares and passes.

Expect Deeper Commitments

Instead of ‘Your place or mine’, a coffee or a movie date or a concert will let you explore a deeper relationship. Such meetings are important to know each other personally and to get rid of any inhibitions about interracial dating. White men do not always look for one-night stands with Black women. Show him that you want more.

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