Afro Romance Review

Afro Romance

Afro Romance is an online dating website powered by Interracial Dating. It focuses on bringing together couples that belong to interracial communities. The dating site is well supported by people who are open-minded when it comes to dating. The website’s slogan, “where love is more than skin deep,” clearly communicates that this dating site is tolerant of all types of interracial relationships.

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  • Standard Membership Is Free
  • VIP Membership
    • 1 month for $19.95 (about $0.67 per day)
    • 3 months for $39.95 (about $13.17 per month)
    • 6 months for $69.95 (about $11.66 per month)

The Basics

If you are short of time, then here is a snapshot of Afro Romance. The membership base of the website is strong with almost 80,000 members, which is an excellent advantage especially if you are considering signing up for a paid membership. Obviously, when you spend your hard earned money on a dating website, you want to make sure that you have access to a large pool of potential dates. However, the quality of profiles is poor and it’s a definitely an area that Afro Romance needs to work on. The website does offer good features, which can be read in detail below.

It’s also fairly easy to use and profile build up is not very time consuming. Customer service, on the other hand, is just average. If you have any queries or complaints, they get back to you in a few business days. The website outlines quite a few success stories on their landing page, but users find that their chance of finding a date is relatively low in comparison to other interracial dating sites.

Account Setup

The website is very simple and easy to understand, and most members find it user friendly. The account set up is free of cost and upon registering you have to enter basic details such as gender, age, locality and ethnicity. The quality of members isn’t very strong but there are many success stories outlined on the website, mainly consisting of white women black men relationships. The couples who have successfully established a relationship through Afro Romance claim that “they have found the love of their live and have ended up in marriage or long term successful relationships.” After registration, members can connect through Facebook as well.

Website Features

The website has all the standard features you would expect to see in a dating site. There are unlimited emailing facilities, you can initiate conversations and the platform provides enough features to build the foundations of a relationship, after which couples can take it to a more personal level. Members can show interest to candidates of their liking through web chat and wink. You can also make favourite groups and create lists of members catered to your preference. The Afro Romance website also provides a community feel to its members through forums and blogs where like minded people can come together and express their thoughts.

Customer Service

Even though the website claims that their customer service is available round the clock, members claim that their queries are not responded right away. Usually there is a delay of 4 to 5 days before queries and complains are dealt with. On the other hand, there have been no confidentiality issues and the website is well trusted and has a reputation for a safe dating environment.

Standard Membership vs. Paid Membership

The standard membership is free while the paid membership has a monthly subscription fee. The standard members can create a photo profile, have access to other profiles in full, can create favourite lists, save searches, search/browse profiles, use advanced searching and send pre-written ice-breakers. Paid members have all the features of a standard member and they can also appear first in searches, send email to other members, initiate and respond to IM chat, see who’s viewed their profile, get priority for help and support and use chat rooms.

Search Feature

The search feature at Afro Romance is fairly simple and straightforward. However, if you are looking for a particulate trait or interest in your potential dating partner, then the search options might be a little limited for you. However, all options are still fairly helpful for most circumstances, though sometimes the results didn’t match up with the search. The search results list possible candidates with a few basic details such as their profile photo, age and location. One major problem is that Afro Romance doesn’t delete inactive accounts. So your search results might be listing people that haven’t logged in for a long time. This is one area that Afro Romance needs to work on to improve user experience.


The overall concept of Afro Romance is very outstanding. It’s a great platform to bring together people of different races so they can engage in a long lasting interracial relationship. Afro Romance offers everything that a dating site should offer, but nothing more. There are no outstanding features that would help them break customers from other dating websites and lure them to Afro Romance. The overall layout and features of the website are at best, subpar.

While the Afro Romance community is large in quantity, it is not so much in quality. Afro Romance needs to build a strong recruitment strategy to successfully attract high quality male and female members. Secondly, Afro Romance also needs to introduce new and innovative features to stand out from the crowd.

If a member has access to the same features on another website, for a cheaper price, then they will be less inclined to invest in Afro Romance. By creating strong and unique features, the website can charge a bigger premium from their members. Lastly, Afro Romance needs to update the website’s layout. Currently, the layout is a little rudimentary but by making some smart changes it can successfully attract more members.

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