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Black and White Singles


  • Standard Membership is Available and Free
  • VIP Membership
    • 1 month for $20.00 (about $0.67 per day)
    • 3 months for $24.99 (about $8.33 per month)
    • 6 months for $35.94 (about $5.99 per month)
    • 9 months for $44.91 (about $4.99 per month)
    • 12 months for $47.88 (about $3.99 per month)

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Slow Webpage

Unfortunately, most reviews for the website aren’t particularly positive. If you look at their webpage, they offer very exciting features, but there seem to be endless flaws that make the site almost unusable. The first problem that a lot of people encountered was the pace of the webpage. It loads very slowly, no matter what browser you use, irrespective of internet speed. It’s just really slow.

Poor Profile Building

Secondly, the profile setup of the website is very simplistic, but not in a good way. It asks for the most basic information, which makes searching and filtering very ineffective. Surprisingly, the Black and White Singles website has several thousand members, but since the site is so “sluggish”, there are not too many active members. The biggest turn off is its “video connect” feature, which the website claims to be a source for online meet up. However, the feature doesn’t seem as though it’s actually functional.

Also, without the VIP subscription, the user can only send smileys and flirt messages. In essence, there is no real form of communication until you pay the VIP fee. Moreover, the selection and quality of photos available is very poor and doesn’t really excite the person to subscribe in order to get to know the person they are interested in.

Page Layout

The Black and White Singles landing page isn’t too sophisticated either. It doesn’t make a very good first impression because the home page is too elementary to qualify as a credible online dating sight. The color contrast, choice of font and overall layout comes off a little sketchy. Such a poor page layout could only mean one of two things: they could have used a better web designer or they couldn’t finance the building of this website. On the bottom it says that the copyright is from 1996 to present, which means that there was sufficient time to improve their website design and layout.

Lack of Successful Matches

On the bottom of the homepage there is a link to ‘successful matches’. However, upon clicking it, there were no successful matches to be found. Instead there was a message that requested if people could share their positive experiences, with an email link under. If the website has indeed been operational since 1996, then how come it hasn’t had a success story in these two decades? Either the website is faking how long it has been operational or it’s obviously not operating successfully as a dating website.

Sharing success stories is a great way to build credibility and authenticity. When a person who has recently signed up for Black and White singles, reads a success story they will feel more positive in finding their desired dating partner and will pay the VIP fee to get complete access. However, with no evidence of its success, people will be less inclined to invest in something that hasn’t produced any success stories in over two decades.

Lack of Membership Options

The Black and White Singles dating website has two membership options. The first is standard membership that is free of cost and gives the user access to creating profile photos, reading email, sending/receiving flirts and sending/receiving smiles. The second is the VIP membership option that gives the user access to the pre-existing features, plus sending unlimited email, video profile, video instant messaging, saving searches, personality profile, trip-connect and video connect.

All the above VIP features sound really exciting on the surface, but there is no way the user can tell if these options are actually viable for them. Unlike other dating websites, there is no trail period where the person can test out before they invest in their hard-earned money. The standard membership has far too few options, none of which are tempting enough to make the person upgrade to a VIP membership.

Such membership plans could only mean one of two things. Either the Black and White singles dating website is targeting first time users only, where they pay their VIP membership fees, get frustrated and unsubscribe. Or they haven’t even done their homework by comparing to other successful sister websites for ideas on how they can improve their membership plans for long existing customers.

If they are acting on the first strategy, then it makes them look even sketchier. They are using new members to make short money until their next target comes along. However, if it’s the latter case then it further proves the lack of credibility and authenticity of this website as an interracial dating platform.

Several Thousand Members

The only surprising factor is the number of members available on the website, which are several thousand strong. This could mean one of two things. Either most accounts are dormant because people got frustrated with its lack of dating opportunities, or fake profiles have been built to increase credibility. The latter could be truer because the number of female members is higher than the number of male members. While such a statistic is very plausible, almost 90% of dating websites have a higher number of men, while the rest 10% have close to equal number of men and women. Thus, it’s a little suspicious to see more female members in a website that doesn’t have a single success story to offer.


Overall, the website has great features to offer, but in vain because users cannot test it out before paying a fee. Secondly, the overall layout of the website and lack of successful matches doesn’t add to its credibility. If the website has truly been in existence since 1996, then it’s had a lot of time to improve all its aspects, however it seems like no changes have been made in a long time.

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