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Interracial Cupid


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Lack of Members

The first thing anyone looks at when registering for a dating site is the number of members. A large number indicates that there are far many options available, while a low number mean that the potential pool of dating partners is limited. The limited number of potential dates considerably increases competition and you worry if investing in a dating website that has low membership is worth it.

A lot of users also find that the quality of Interracial Cupid members isn’t as good as what they found on top tier dating websites. This becomes a reality check for people who have high dating expectations. It can also be frustrating for someone who has invested their hard earned money in something that they aren’t getting value out of. Thus, Interracial Cupid still has a long way to go in terms of developing a recruitment strategy to attract as many people as possible from across the globe to increase the pool of potential dating couples. With a proper recruitment strategy, Interracial Cupid can successfully increase the quality of men and women available for dating on the website, which can considerably increase their ratings.

Part of Big Network of Dating Sites

Interracial Cupid belongs to Cupid Media, which runs many other dating sites as well, that cater to different dating niches. On one side, presenting your members with other options is great. If they are happy with your services, maybe they will sign up for your other sister sites as well. On the other hand, it may not exactly be a good idea to advertise other websites, even if they belong to the same network. First of all, you might potentially lose members to another website and second, one bad experience will lead them to associate it with the entire network. So while it may look like a win-win, there is also a lose-lose.

Since Interracial Cupid is not exactly ensuring that its members stick around (i.e. they could be jumping to sister sites), it explains their low membership numbers. For a site that is already struggling to attract new members, shouldn’t advertise other sites, even if they belong to the same network. If Interracial Cupid wants to be a premium dating website, especially since it charges its members with a membership fee, then it has to ensure that potential members are not distracted by the availability of other dating sites.


Interracial Cupid offers its members a service and the members need to pay for it. Everyone knows that operating a dating website requires maintaining systems and keeping them running throughout the year. So it’s perfectly reasonable when dating sites require members to pay subscription fees and they can keep enjoying unlimited access to the pool of potential dating partners.

However, while Interracial Cupid charges its members with a fee, it ALSO runs ads, which is quite unfair. The website is making money from membership fees AND from advertisements. By spoiling the member’s experience on the website, Interracial Cupid has further compromised its potential to be a premium interracial dating website.

Web Design Is Not Competitive

The overall page layout of Interracial Cupid isn’t exactly unbearable to look at, but it doesn’t compete with top tier dating websites. The entire online dating experience is the driving force of Interracial Cupid that will attract new members and retain the existing ones. However, Interracial Cupid lacks proper web design strategy. Most of the homepage is take up by a picture of an interracial couple and you have to scroll down to access important notifications. Some of the font sizes are small enough to strain your eyes and it’s almost as if Interracial Cupid doesn’t want you to read what’s written. By improving their overall web design, Interracial Cupid could successfully attract new members. The homepage should be exciting enough to make people sign up for paid subscriptions.

Authentic Profiles

A lot of dating websites set up fake profiles and send fake messages to new members. This entices those new members to upgrade to a paid membership. Once the subscription is paid for, there is no response from these fake profiles. Fortunately, Interracial Cupid doesn’t participate in such fraudulent activities and there have been no such reported incidences. While “not being fraudulent” isn’t something to boast about, it’s good to know that Interracial Cupid doesn’t sink to these low-level money making schemes.

Credible Website

Interracial Cupid is run by Cupid Media, which is a large online dating website organization. As mentioned before. Interracial Cupid belongs to a network of dating sites, some of which are very successful. This considerably adds to the website’s credibility because the parent company is known to be part of many dating niches and a renowned company of the industry. On the other hand, it’s surprising that a website that belongs to such a large network of successful dating sites is having trouble recruiting new members.


Interracial Cupid belongs to an excellent network of dating sites that cater to different niches. This is the main reason why there are no excuses for Interracial Cupid’s problem areas. First of all Interracial Cupid lists its sister websites, which means it’s not ensuring that the members sign up for their website and not any other. Secondly, Interracial Cupid spoils the overall dating experience by putting up advertisements, even for members who have paid a subscription. Lastly, the website design is not competitive enough and doesn’t provide a premium feel. However, all things aside, it’s safe to say that the website to authentic and credible, and there is no threat of fraudulent activities.

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