Secrets for White Men to Date Black Women

Fell for a Black woman? If you’re a White man nodding in the affirmative to this question, then odds are you might be clueless as to how you should go ahead and ask her out.

White Men Black WomenWomen of any color can be approached much the same way. Nevertheless, interracial dating becomes a tricky affair. Even in this modern age, people have generally dated within their own race. This is because due to the differences in cultural practices within different races, it is more comfortable for someone to stick to the opposite sex of one’s own race as they are more likely to have commonalities. However, with a highly cosmopolitan society, these lines are increasingly being blurred as everyone practically lives the same way in modern society.

For White men who wish to approach Black women, the secrets lie in alleviating issues that are mostly a product of racial stereotypes and a fear of the unknown. Many White men tend to see Black women as exotic beings forgetting that in the end they’re just women and very much like White or Hispanic or any non-Black women.

Here are the secrets to approaching the Black woman you’re nuts for:

Ditch Stereotypes

Not all Black women are arm candies for hoods and rappers. Neither do they hook up with the first cash machine they see. Similarly, Black women do not expect White men to be Eminem. Stereotypes popularized by rap videos should not be taken at face value. It is only when preconceived notions about the opposite sex’s race are brushed aside that it is possible for Black women and White men to see each other as persons and not representatives of their respective races. It’s the person you date, not the race.

Keep Your Mind Open

Despite most Americans having a more or less homogenized culture, it is quite possible that between races there might be differences in cultural and social practices. If you are really interested in your Black woman, you need to keep an open mind towards any racial cultural practices and habits that she may have. In addition, it is important to make her feel comfortable with and accepting of any differences that she may see in the lifestyle and culture of a White man.

Take Rejection Sportively

If you got rejected by a Black woman, it isn’t any different from getting rejected by a White woman. Ask her what really the reason is for her rejecting you. If there are racial undertones to her rejection, try to resolve those issues with an open-minded approach. Most often, it is just a normal process of dating anyone- there are rejections and there are acceptances and it is no different for a White man trying to date a Black woman. It isn’t a big deal if she said no, there are many Black women who would not.

Do Not Heed Unnecessary Opinions

Even if a White man gets over his stereotypes and decides to date a Black woman, chances are his friends and family may not approve of going out of their race. There could be some really harsh words too if he tries to persist and it is possible they may not be kind to his Black partner either. The same scenario applies for the woman. In the end, it is all about following your heart. Try to convince your loved ones of your priorities and if they do not understand, ignore them. If your Black lady of interest has similar issues, persuade her to do the same.

Approach Her Properly

Black women say that they are more used to the heads-on aggressive approach as made by Black men. It is likely that subtle signs of interest from White men are mostly ignored by Black women. For a White man wanting to attract a Black woman, it is important for him to show his interest in her a little more openly instead of enigmatic smiles. All the same, do not be brash. Start off with a general conversation and slip into the question gradually but firmly.

Let Her Feel Admired

Many Black women have said on several forums that they are conditioned by the society to believe that they are perceived as unattractive by White men. As a White man, you have to let her feel beautiful. Look into her eyes, at her mouth, her entire length and gaze back into her eyes. Your unabashed interest in her without being very perverse will convince her that you indeed find her beautiful, not just outwardly but also as a person.

Join Dating Sites

If nothing pans out for you in your area and you’re keen on dating a Black woman, enroll into a dating website where it will be easy to screen in all women who are willing to date White men. It is easier on your self-esteem, time and feelings. If you’re lucky to find a Black woman you like in there, go ahead and date. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with finding a date online as long as you have a healthy social outlook.

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