Top 5 Reasons Why Black Women Really Love White Men

Black women are increasingly going out of their own league and dating White men. Many of them even find true love in an ivory partner. One may assume that they go out with White men only for their love of White skin or to have beautiful biracial children or because they detest their own darkness. None of these superficial ideas matter in love. Nevertheless, many Black women have spoken out on online forums as to what really attracted them to White men in the first place and made them fall in love with them.

Here is how Black women really love White men:

Black women seem to find more White men who are caring, loving, indulgent and affectionate towards their partners in a tender manner than Black men. This could be because of a lower socio-economic status of Black people resulting in Black men growing up seeing their mothers receiving little or no emotional and financial support from their Black fathers.

Family Template

Ascribed again to the socio-economic status of Black people, it is assumed that Black men are less likely to have grown up in a harmonious atmosphere with both parents in a happy marriage. For White men, these chances are higher. Naturally a Black woman expects that a White man will love her as much as his father loved his mother.

Financial Security

Owing to high expectations of a society from a White man, it is perceived that he is likely to work harder, make investments and plan his finances carefully especially when raising a family. The Black woman would like to be in a secure financial environment after marriage.

Also Black women feel that most Black men have poor role models to look up to for a good career. White men have many and thus, chances are higher that a White man will have a better career outlook than a Black man who would either play ball or rap.


Black women believe that Black men aren’t as loving and indulgent towards their women. This could be because they saw their mothers receive none so they assume that none is expected. However, Black women who want to get out of this situation find true love in a White man who is willing to take care of her, buy her flowers and not force her to pay her bills herself.

Better Chances of Success

The general status of Black people in society is yet to match universal standards. A Black woman marrying a Black man may not have much to look forward to in the future if things are as bad with him than without. But because White men have a better go in the society, Black women can dream for a better tomorrow for themselves.

Though love is all about the person and not the race, initially a few factors play a major role in getting prospective partners together. Beyond that, two people have to click with their personalities, sans their skin color.

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