Top 6 Tips on How to Win the Heart of a Black Woman

Head over heels for a chocolate beauty? Impressing a black woman is much like impressing any other woman, but considering popular media portrayals of black women, there are several chances for you to fall headlong into the rejection pit. Delicate as dating is in itself, men have to tread a fine walk to ensure that they are neither overly expressive so as to drive the woman away nor too subtle to be noticed.

Here is how one can win the heart of a black woman.

Color Her Not

If you want to win her heart, her skin shouldn’t matter to you. Do not even think about her skin color as a parameter for choosing her to be your partner. Don’t bother to date a black woman just for having beautiful biracial kids. Regardless of her skin color, date her for her personality instead. Most successful black woman – white man couples have never even thought about their skin color as a factor while dating. For you, she must simply be a woman you like.

Be Open Minded

She might have different cultural practices due to a different racial upbringing. Black people have deeply rooted culture and religious customs, many of which you may not even be aware of. Respect her preferences and try to accept them. She will appreciate it. Try to be more involved in her life and she will understand that you are genuinely in awe of her.

Listen to Her

All women want to be listened to. Period! Black women are popularly seen as hard working and opinionated, so it is quite likely that she may have a lot to say about different things. Whatever your dark lady love is like, listen to what she has to say, understand and make comments. Letting her do monologues only helps as much as shutting her up does.

Tackle Others

If you are a non-black man, dating a black woman, you are likely to earn sneers, comments and catcalls from racists everywhere. Protect and support her during such occasions. If possible, ignore and laugh about it together. Nothing will strengthen your bond more than smiling in the face of adversity. If it is your friends and family doing this, try to support her and convince them otherwise. If not, let them be. She will realize that you feel strongly for her.

Admire Her

Many black women have been given a false deep rooted complex that they are not attractive enough and are less beautiful as compared to White women. Prove her wrong. Spare no opportunity to tell her how beautiful she is, even on bad hair days.

Show Your Strength and Support

Women like men who are stable, mentally strong and capable of facing life issues. A black woman has to feel convinced that you are seeking her for a long term relationship and not for satisfying your sexual fantasies. Being in a good job in a responsible position and showing emotional and mental maturity are booster points for winning the heart of a black woman.

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