Reasons Why Black Women Prefer to Marry White Men

Black Women White Men

Black women have often been perceived as less active on the interracial dating scene. With time though, the scenario is changing. Black women have started exploring the white territory for their man and statistics corroborate this. Black girls and White boys have been found walking the altar together more often than any other racial group has. Also, Black women have shown a higher preference for White men over Hispanic and Asian men.

In 2008, 58% of the Black women in the USA who were involved in interracial marriages married White men. Interestingly, Only 6.9% of White men who married non-White women married Black women.

The reasons for this trend have been ascribed to a couple of beliefs, many of which can be perceived as racially discriminating, albeit honest opinions by Black women. Many Black women have claimed on open forums that they would prefer a White man to a Black one because he is more likely to take care of them, respect their ambitions and status as women. Several Black women expressed a view that owing to the environment in which most Black men in the US have been born into or raised in, they have several limitations on what it takes to make a woman happy.

They claim that because Black men grew up watching their mothers work extremely hard and sacrificing all luxuries, they have come to believe that roses and chocolates are an unnecessary expenditure on a woman. It has been opined that due to many socio-economic reasons, the status of Black women in racial neighborhoods seems to be lower than their more cosmopolitan counterparts, therefore, lowering the bar for Black men to win a woman over. Several Black women, who are more aware of the modern roles of the sexes, avoid getting into a regressive situation.

Many women have spoken up about how a White man tends to be more open-minded, respectful of the woman, romantic and have better career goals than Black men do. They perceive that the likelihood of Black men to be responsible men in a good career is poor as they do not have good role models in Black men to look up to. With very few successful Black men as compared to White men, the scales tip in the favor of White men as a spouse.

Several Black women believe that a White man will most likely be a better parent than a Black man because the former will have grown up in a harmonious atmosphere, with both parents in a happy marriage. The success of his parents’ marriage will set a template for the White man to make his marriage work, instead of a Black man, who has most likely grown up in a single parent home, without his father ever having been in the picture.

Black women have also said that the chances for a Black man to aspire for nothing but to become a rapper or a drugs dealer are very high. In contrast, White men have better aspirations and hence are more likely to be care giving husbands and parents.
Furthermore, Hollywood has set the pace for the Black girl-White guy coupling in the United States with movies portraying such couples in an intimate relationship, for instance, The Bodyuard, The Worlds etc.

With the tolerance of interracial marriages growing in the United States, the trend is expected to progress further. Whatever the reason be, racist or otherwise, black women do appear to prefer White men as husbands and so far it is good news for interracial relationships.

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